Tuesday 20th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Pringle of Scotland: Ready-to-wear SS17

The Pringle girl knows how to dress for British summer time. Well, Scottish. She knows never leave the house without layers. And today, there were layers a-plenty, as the brand’s Womenswear Design Director, Fran Stringer took us on a bracing hike through the highlands, jumpers tied around the waists, sensible shoes laced, and (probably) a slab of Kendall mint cake in hand. Remember them? But it’s the brand’s heritage that Stringer always has in mind – Scottish tartan was referenced in checkered dresses and patchworked sweaters, whilst Pringle’s origins in knitting undergarments gave us a nice bit of waffle and ribbed knit. There was something sporty about it all too (check: another Pringle hallmark) –  bands of contrast colour on knitted skirts, tops and cardigans that looked so easy to wear that one could possible partake in a sporting activity mid-hike. According to Stringer, Pringle collections should be “always relaxed, understated, playing with brand signatures but mindful of modern lives and how we approach knitwear today.” We couldn’t agree more. Now pass us a Scotch egg and let’s get this picnic started.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans