Thursday 2nd June

| BY Jack Moss

Pringle Of Scotland: Resort 2017

Garth’s just burnt some toast. It stinks. Thank fuck then, for Pringle of Scotland, who are providing us with a large gulp of fresh air courtesy of their just-released Resort 2017 campaign. Because she’s in a field, which we are going to say is in Scotland, because well, it’s Pringle, so it probably is, and she’s wearing lots of lovely knitwear, again, it’s Pringle. They are very good at that. Steeped in heritage and all that. This is a woman who knows the power of a good cardi. “Resort 17 continues to focus on the brand’s signature knitwear whilst subtly referencing the Pringle sports legacy,” says the press release. “Variegated rib dresses have been given a preppy feel with a play on stripes, alongside viscose melange zip through tops and classic polo shirt detailing.” Basically, sporty clothes with which you don’t have to actually play sports in. Fab. Dominic’s fav (he’s peering over my shoulder) – the beige and blue off the shoulder cardi and dress combo. Why? “It’s a bit sexy because you’re showing off your shoulder slash collarbone, but then it also keeps my snatched arms warm, and slightly demure.” There we go then.