Tuesday 9th June

| BY 10Magazine

Proenza Schouler: Cruise 2016

We’re going to start calling Jack and Lazaro “Kings of the Eyelet.” Because, well, that’s what they are. The own the eyelet in a similar way to how Issey Miyake owns the pleat or Marques’Almeida own the fray. Eyelets cover this collection, almost like freckles. They cover, or rather puncture, the shoes, bags and, of course, the clothes. The clothes themselves are, to use the neologism, hourglassy. The waists, you see, are either slimmed, cinched or cropped. The sleeves on the other hand, are bell-shaped, the trouser hems flared and the skirts fanned out. It’s all very chic, in a in modern, summering in Monaco kind of way. Yes, Proenza is always very chic.


By Ted Stansfield