Wednesday 19th April

| BY Jack Moss

Proenza Schouler: Pre-Fall 2017

Forgive these models for having a not-quite-there look in their eyes. Because they aren’t. It’s this thing that happens where you wear Proenza Schouler. Your eyes sort of glaze over and you drift off into a world where you wonder how you could possibly make enough money to afford to wear Proenza every day, if perhaps someone might still pay for use of your body, or your kidneys are still sellable after years of heavy alcohol consumption etc. etc. But you would be happy. Anybody would be. Because these clothes are perfect. The tailoring that sort of pinches the waist, without being in any way constraining, or the way that the handkerchief-hemmed tops cover the multitude of sins, primarily: our current bloated stomach. The slightly cropped trousers with button hems. Long belts to cinch the waist, covered in metal eyelets. Rich prints, accordion pleats, slices of colour. Dinky handbags, fierce leather totes. It’s all proper lovely.

Photographs by Ethan James Green, styled by Camilla Nickerson