Tuesday 11th October

| BY Jack Moss

Proenza Schouler: Pre-Spring 2017

Snap back to sometime in June when I, rather sweaty and fifteen minutes late, was sat not here in this office, but in gay Paris, in what would probably be described as a “sunlit” studio somewhere near the Arc De Triomphe. I was most likely smiling, mostly because I was in both in the presence of the handsome, glowing, visages of Mr Jack and Mr Lazaro, AKA the Proenza Schouler boys, about to gawk at their Pre-Spring 2017 collection. And, I’d had a little nap in the car. The downside was, though, ever since, I’ve been straining to tell the world of the beautiful garments which I saw trot before me, but alas, due to such thing as an embargo (trade speak, darling) I’ve kept uncharacteristically schtum. But now, we’ve been given the go-ahead to reveal all -all sixteen looks of the boy’s Resort offering. Which means that you, dear readers, have had the joy of laying eyes upon two new Proenza collections in the last month (or so). Aren’t you lucky? Anyway, if you hadn’t noticed already, this was about colour. Pure, saturated, brights – rasta-green, yellow and black, primary hues in interlocking geometric shapes, or clean, lean stripes. It was all about ease, apparently, the silhouettes, that loosely wrapped, in panels, around the model’s bodies, fastened with ties and knots. There was lots of knit this time, the boys told us, like the rather masterful use of crochet which was, as you may have guessed, nothing like that thing your nana had over her couch. And, if that wasn’t enough to turn one completely and utterly ravenous, out stepped those handbags – the Hava and Hex bags, now in zinging colour with whipstitched detailing or the new envelope-style Curl clutch. Another fine showing from Jack and Lazaro – enough to make a boy experiment with cross-dressing.