Thursday 22nd October

| BY Jack Moss

Proenza Schouler: PS Pins

Ever been secretly fascinated by those Crocs that people wear with badges stuck all over them? You know, those little pin things with like peace signs or Winnie the Pooh on them, mostly found upon the feet of children/women who collect magnets and holiday in Florida? Well we have. But we would never wear a pair of Crocs. It goes against our religion. Hence where Proenza Schouler come in. To celebrate the “holiday season” (it’s never too early, is it) they have created a special family of handbag named the “PS Pins” – their classic shapes re-made in perforated leather that come with letter and number pin badges that you can decorate your bag with. All demonstrated in the natty video above. Apparently, the collection was inspired by “customers who personalize their Proenza bags using stickers, charms and even paint.” But this way, you can make it your own without causing any lasting damage. No post-customisation regrets here. The three styles available will be the PS1, the Bucket and the Lunch bag. And the best bit? They’re available right now on Net-a-Porter. This actual minute. What are you waiting for? /