Saturday 5th December

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Ralph Lauren: Pre-Fall 2016

For his Pre-Fall collection Ralph Lauren says he was “inspired by the purity of clean lines…a romantic minimalism”. And the clothes were certainly romantic, not that I have any idea of what romance is. My idea of romance is him buying my Big Mac and pretending not to be bothered when I say “I’ll call you.” But this isn’t that. It’s pretty clothes, for pretty girls. In pretty colours. Romantic light pinks and browns. The kind of colours you’d expect to see in a watercolour painting. On summer, years ago I set out to learn how to paint watercolour paintings. I went to the library every week and would read tonnes of books to prepare myself. And then the summer ended and I hadn’t picked up a single paintbrush. Thus, ending my career in watercolour painting. I bet the Ralph Lauren girl knows how to paint watercolours. Romantically of course.