Thursday 16th February

| BY Jack Moss

Ralph Lauren: Ready-to-wear SS17

Have you ever seen, or smelt for that matter, 100,000 orchids? Of course you haven’t. Well, unless, like us, you were at Ralph Lauren’s SS17 show this evening, held in his New York flagship. Or you’re Elton John. Because as we’ve always said one can never have enough flowers and we’re glad that someone finally took us literally – here they were on just about every surface imaginable across the two floors of the boutique. And even came complete with their own accessory: butterflies. Not real – that would probably be quite cruel and lucky, because I’m also quite scared of them. When you get close they’re just like big moths, no? But they looked pretty here, each one flapping away in amongst the flowers. Anyway. The lady this season was international woman of the world. A jetset traveller. Trains, planes and automobiles. With a wardrobe to match. It begun with safari-style suiting, in soft beige and worn with cheetah print heels, before moving on to roomier silhouettes – loose-fit silky trousers, boiler suits covered in pockets, asymmetric silk dresses. And then gowns or full-length skirts, in jewel tones or shiny shiny gold. Because some people say that golden skin looks best next to white, but we disagree. It looks best next to gold. Everything does. Fingers, wrists, necks. Various other appendages. And the international lady needs some good bags too, and she got that here in a clashing animal print, somewhere in between weekend size and handbag. Very international travel appropriate, non? And to finish – kaftans. What else? Love a beach cover up. Noone needs to see our unclothed form. This was yet another beautiful show that once again proved that Mr Lauren is the master of American fashion. Long live the king.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans