Friday 14th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Richard Malone: Ready-to-Wear SS19

The time has come to welcome back our really good friend – London Fashion Week is here. And the first show of the day, Richard Malone, has opened it with a bang. A colourful, rich, loud bang. The Malone girl has grown up, and she’s now ready to party. Inspired by his own Camera Roll (because aren’t we all), Richie brought a confident, defiant woman into play. She still loves experimenting with textiles and colours, but she’s now come undone, ready to take the town. A glamazonian beauty, wearing all the colours at once. There was a new-found sexiness in the clothes, even though there wasn’t much skin showing. As Mariah and Janet sang from the speakers, the Malone women stomped, embodying their inner diva. A great addition to the controlled, colourful chaos of the clothes was the architectural silver jewellery by Gala Colivet Dennison, like a message to the onlooker that even though she’s fun, this woman also knows her shit. We wanna be her, we wanna go out with her – we just need a bit of that Richard Malone glam in our lives. If a good entrée is a sign of a great 5-course meal, then we’re in for a pretty fabulous next few days. And away we go…

Photographs by Jason-Lloyd Evans.