Friday 25th June

| BY Claudia Croft

Richard Quinn: Ready-to-wear AW21

Richard Quinn is a marvel. There are no limits to his imagination or his ambition. His brand is tiny, but he always thinks big – even in the face of a pandemic.

After taking last season out, Quinn has burst back onto the show schedule with a 30-minute, Hollywood-style mini-movie. His intensely patterned world came fully to life with his story of a latex-clad Cat Queen and her entourage. The huge cast of dancers, models and performers were outfitted in a series of extravagant, bejewelled and embellished looks. They played out their cameos in a series of vignettes including a full-size set of a Soho street rendered in impressive detail, the inside of a jewellery box and a couture workroom where the couture-clad mannequins come to life.

Quinn used his big cinematic moment to unveil the latest extensions of his brand. His nascent accessories range now includes the distinctive Daisy bag which comes in an array of pastel colours and the new viper boot with its idiosyncratic claw-toe detail. For a tiny, independent London brand to realise a production with this level of creativity and display, is as exciting as it is impressive. His joined-up thinking sets him apart from many of his peers. Not only is he is a master of fantasy but he also has the ability to turn his wild imaginings into tangible moments. He can galvanise different creatives communities, collaborate across genres and deftly conduct the whole crazy symphony. This film declared his intentions. He builds worlds.

Photography courtesy of Richard Quinn.