Friday 4th March

| BY 10 Magazine

Rick Owens: Ready-to-wear AW16

Post apocalyptic couture under a thatch of unruly hair. It’s the Rick Owens way. He called this collection Mastodon and alluded, as he did back in January’s menswear season, to an end-of-the-world type scenario where man goes the way of the dinosaurs. Try evoking that in a drapey bit of cloth. This collection was full of draping, soft stuff, fabric slushing about the body like it was about to drip off. It’s a hardcore look in its entirety – most of Rick Owens’ shows are slightly terrifying propositions, whether they’re consciously referencing the apocalypse or not. But abstract out individual garments and you’ll be surprised – pleasantly – at how easily these wet ‘n’ wild bits and pieces could leak into your wardrobe. Think of them mixing with your normal stuff, blended together, like a sartorial smoothie.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans