Friday 2nd March

| BY Alison Veness

Rick Owens: Ready-to-Wear AW18

Baubles, bangles and beads sung by Marlene Dietrich played throatily, smouldering (a song originally by ole blue eyes Sinatra) and so from the very first exit we fell in love and swooned all the way through this beautiful collection. So many possibilities so many ideas; from the mini goddess-like dresses, warrior woman, all soft puffed out volume, folded and tied up with matching super voluminous bags – we wanted to roll around in them- against the spare and lean shoulder defining coats with the great pockets of diffused colour, chocolate, lemon and charcoal. Like being in a muffled paradise. Lush velvet. Chunky checks. We could die and go to heaven here. And the little ‘crowns’ that made us think of Where the Wild Things Are because Rick makes us dream.

The sneakers grounded it all and added that nice Rick Owens easy, yet somehow ultra fine sport vibe that we have come to worship. He is the master of our desires and quite honestly we wanted the lot, it was gorgeous, refined, a cushioned twist of ideas, and sits in the happy place somewhere this side of quietly epically discordant. Puffa this puff of that.“There is so much stimulation in the world that I would like to offer the alternative of quiet and familiarity, not the ‘beige reserve’ of someone who wants to play it safe, but the place you find when you’ve done all your exploring and experimenting. It’s the contentment of satisfying a healthy appetite and the luxury of not caring.” This is one of our all time favourite quotes from him; we love his definition of luxury.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans