Thursday 28th September

| BY Richard Gray

Rick Owens: Ready-to-Wear SS18

We’re just out of the mind-blowing Rick Owens show, sat next to and around the Palais de Tokyo fountains in Paris. Suddenly the fountains shot up around 10 metres high. The music was a cackling Michele Lamy – Owens’ wife – it was unnerving and loud and awesome.

When a show is this good you just write down as much as you can when it happens. These are our real-time thoughts, quickly and enthusiastically scribbled. It was incredible.

1. Hepworth in cloth.

2. Sections or sails of fabric folded over, draped and hanging to make dresses and tops.

3. White off-cuts, looking like bits of discarded injection moulding. These twisted and doubled back in on themselves – expression in it’s highest form.

4. Jutting sculptures and undulating forms in gauzy fabrics and jersey.

5. T-shirt fabric with holes stretched over some kind of hidden scaffolding structures.

6. They were like walking pupas.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans