Monday 24th September

| BY Claudia Croft

Rick Owens: Ready-To-Wear SS19

If you’re looking for a chic outfit for next year’s Burning Man, go to Rick Owens. A flaming pyramid formed the centre piece of his catwalk and the models stormed around it as if they were in a rush to get to an important, life affirming, ritual in praise of the goddess of dark and interesting chic.
Rick’s exploration of haute-goth, avant-garde bohemia is something to behold. His models were draped in black layers, with propeller-like protrusions at the neck. Some wore black metal helix crowns. They carried oversized crocodile leather bumbags which doubled as skirts and stomped in exaggerated, post-apocalyptic high tops. Some had faces painted deathly white. Others wore “high priestess” capes made from faceted pieces of leather, stitched together like a 3d jigsaw puzzle.

What you put inside one of Owens’ two-foot-long “snooker cue case” clutch bags, which protruded from the waistbands
of wrap-over leather skirts, is anyone’s guess. Phone, fags, keys and a rolled up copy of the FT? Whatever it might be, the Rick woman knows what she wants and where she’s going.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.