Thursday 28th January

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Roberto Cavalli: Pre-Fall 2016

Sophia (or Queen Neophitou to you) came up with a fantastic idea the other day whilst we were looking at the Wallace Collection. For those not in the know the Wallace Collection is “home to one of Europe’s finest collections of works of art”. Ooer. Anyway, back to our Ten Towers outing. It would be fab surely? Standby for full details next month. What got me thinking about the Wallace Collection was the background of the Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2016 collection. Think art student goes to the Wallace Collection (or another sort of antique gallery) the day after the night before. Think sunglasses indoors and silk printed pyjamas. Think silver sequin dress because you caught up with the rest of the school at the gallery on your walk of shame back to the hostel. That kind of vibe. Plenty of outfits ready for our little school trip. Team Ten, take note.