Roksanda: Ready-to-Wear AW18

Roksanda Ilinčić knows how to take us into a state of total joy. She balances colour in a way we never knew we needed, creating a heavenly paradise that blow our mind. For Autumn/ Winter 18 she collaborated with Paris based performance artist Caroline Denervaud who had studied dance and choreography, creating a collection filled with movement and emotion. Her practice is, as she describes it, “Letting feelings and sensations being what decides, what guides.” And boy have they guided her to greatness within this collection.

A creme caramel tailored coat bought a soft but sure swag, linear slashes of warm red on the back and down the sleeves. The liquidity of silk satin in ice blue flowed, a lightness imbued in each piece. Blankets in lemon and honey felt oh so cozy, chic puffa jackets to keep warm. Denervaud’s dance like movements were traced from body to canvas, pronounced lines creating abstract prints, that curved so naturally. Letting go of emotions, a sense of nowness. Being present. There was an honesty to it, an innocence and a spontaneity. Lozenges of colours cascaded in deep frills that played with volume. It all looked delish we must say. There was a strength and complexity to not only the clothes but the women. Mellifluous. A wonderful energy filled with certainty and control, moving to a steady rhythm. Roksanda is in her prime as a designer right on her game. You go girl.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans

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