Tuesday 21st September

| BY Claudia Croft

ROKSANDA: Ready-To-Wear SS22

After confinement comes movement. That’s how Roksanda sees it. Her show, held once again in the Serpentine Pavilion – designed this year by Sumayya Vally, the youngest architect ever to receive the commission – was an ode to “kinetic vibrancy”.

She collaborated with the artist Holly Blakey, who created an immersive performance, with dancers dressed in clothes designed for dynamic shape-making.  There were gravity-defying gowns suspended on hoops and distorted by wired hems, or ballooning kaftans that billowed with every twist and turn of the dancers’ bodies. Adding to the sense of exaggeration was Roksanda’s use of nearly 30 different colours from marigold to Vermillion, fluro pink to peridot. Roksanda’s clothes are often stately and grand. This was intense, vivid, visceral. As the performers threw themselves around the space, this was Roksanda at her most uninhibited and expressive.

Photography courtesy of ROKSANDA.