Monday 25th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Roland Mouret: Pre-Fall 2016

Roland Mouret is about more than clothes. Roland Mouret is in fact a lifestyle. A very glamorous lifestyle where the female lead lives her life in the manner of a fabulous and decadent Jackie Collins heroine. And to be honest is there really any other way for one to live ones life? Given the option why would she choose anything else? After all, as Roland himself puts it, “I think you have to give people more of an idea of a whole life”, and is there a life better than that of Lucky Santangelo? And what does this mean in terms of fashions? A carefully curated selection of long and lean high waisted trousers that cling in a way that only trousers cut by the master of cut can, teamed with slinky layers of lurex for a touch of rock n roll glamour, or sharp little dresses in a range of sporty textiles all set against a backdrop of post modern antiques, the kind you’d kill your mother to be able to deck your house out in. Lucky bitch indeed.