Tuesday 1st May

| BY Roxy Lola

Roland Mouret: Pre-Fall 2018

Roland Mouret knows how to make women feel the power. Hell yeah. Just look at Kota Eberhardt in Mouret’s Pre-Fall 2018 campaign. Girl is flying through the air, sky high, defying gravity, karate chopping in style. Shot by Vanina Sorrenti in Kefalonia, she’s at one with both her surroundings (well who wouldn’t be) and of course, the clothes, moving with ease, so lithe and lean. Yes, Kota is strong-minded but it’s also the Roland effect, and particularly this collection, all bound with serious energy, inspired by contemporary dance, and so she’s making moves. Made for and fuelled by the female force. With an easy elegance to these pieces, the dazzling red hot crepe sleeves billow and that loose navy silk slip dress drips as deliciously as icing over the body. All bias cutting here, this is for the woman on the move, no limitations, no restrictions. Each piece is in sync, moving gracefully in it’s natural environment, with total lightness. 

“It’s all in the movement…movement is key,” says Roland. “She needs to be able to move freely, as though the dress is her second skin. It is essential the dress moves with the freedom of the woman who is wearing it, and I’m always conscious of this when I drape. Once she has the dress on, she shouldn’t have to think about it again.” In all it’s strength, there is a sweeping softness in the pale pink – that hint of vulnerability always bubbling under the surface of a Mouret collection. The pieces are grounded in leather sandals, Roland’s new collaboration with NewbarK, tied tightly to take her far. Feel the freedom. Warrior like. This is her armour. And wouldn’t we all just love to be fired up in Roland Mouret every day.