Monday 3rd October

| BY 10 Magazine

Roland Mouret: Ready-to-wear SS17

“It’s not what you buy, it’s the way you wear it,” Roland Mouret told us backstage after his Spring Summer show. True dat. But we wouldn’t mind buying a little Roland Mouret SS17. Or a lot. “We’re living in a time where it’s more about what you wear. You make your own attitude. Attitude is so much more interesting than clothes.” So what is the attitude of a girl dressed in Roland Mouret? Well, that’s the best bit and what sets his design apart. Each girl’s attitude is different. There is no army, no similarity between each laday in Mouret. Each woman owns it when they put it on. It’s that waist accentuating, hip hugging sexiness that exudes out of each piece. This season, it was created through a lot of texture. Stretch cottons and tough neoprenes contrasted to fluid silks and thin ribbed knitwear. The classic Roland Mouret gold zipper adorned the back of separates and dresses, that hint of familiarity, a knowingness. Fabrics frayed at the ends like a beautiful moment of disarray in such a perfectly proportioned world. There was a little attitude direction backstage for Roland’s girls: “Be strong, confident, striding, feminine.” But we think regardless, that’s how you wear Roland Mouret. It’s empowering. You imprint your own personal attitude and wear the hell out of it.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans