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Salvatore Ferragamo Milan Fashion Week S S 2015 Backstage Girls

See backstage pictures from Salvatore Ferragamo’s spring/summer 2015 show.

Despite the subtlety of its use, all decent shoe pigs (ourselves obviously included) will have noted the addition of the famous rainbow wedge at Salvatore Ferragamo’s latest showing, albeit with the rainbow bit drained out and replaced with cooling grey. There was an exoticism to this latest collection which was also executed through the vein of drained. Sounds a bit daft, but what we mean to say is that instead of using brights, a certain far flung humidity was suggested through pattern and texture. Whilst snakeskin was prevalent there were also woven textures and bold tasseled trims which from afar resembled tufts of sun parched reeds, or rafia. Certain items of structured outerwear also had something of a Safari feel, whilst the hair and make-up treatment suggested a recent, cooling dip. A woman best described as hot stuff.

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans


By Vincent Levy