Tuesday 23rd January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Schiaparelli: Couture SS18

Schiaparelli is taking us to a land far, far away. Pagan myths, darlings. Schiaparelli’s ladies walked with ease, too cool, to the sweet sounds of flutes and birds chirping. A utopian idyll. Fuelled with flirtation, fringed raffia hems flounced, rainbow coloured sheer nylon tiered skirts bounced, and blazers held steady, imbuing a new modern lightness to the Schiaparelli signature. These were the boss ladies of a fairytale land. There were all the fantastical elements that we have come to expect from Schiaparelli and a strong nod to the Elsa Schiaparelli roots that lie deep in surrealism.

There is always so much resonance in this history, but today felt like the future, tapping into the overwhelming desire that fashion has to tell stories right now, with “animist spirits,” which if you didn’t know, means the religious belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence. This world is alive and pumping. It was a cultural, historical, spiritual mash up, African and European cultures colliding to create a rich wardrobe of possibilities for the couture woman who is the thinker. Stride forth and be fabulous. In a time when women are rightfully more concerned with what we believe in and what we are standing up for than what we’re about to wear, Schiaparelli is making it easy to feel the power. Pick a dress, any dress. You’re going to feel good. Sweet but sly. Just how we like it.