Wednesday 8th February

| BY Jack Moss

Sies Marjan: Ready-to-wear AW17

Possibly due to lack of sleep, last night’s dinner being a tube of Pringles and having been asleep in an Uber until about three minutes before the show started, Sies Marjan was a bit of an emotional experience. Not of the tearful outburst sort (we haven’t had a drink yet), but instead, emotional in a sort of surreal, dreamlike way. It was something to do with the space – the huge, slightly strange white ballroom of the Hilton hotel, here covered with swathes of white paper. Collection was a had something ethereal about it too – a parade of heavenly creatures in all the colours of the rainbow, the silhouettes softly draping around the model’s bodies, some with trailing asymmetric hemlines. Drops of coloured fur, shiny metallics, twists of fabric. It was pretty. And we’re off for a lie down.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans