Monday 12th February

| BY Roxy Lola

Sies Marjan: Ready-to-Wear AW18

The world of Sies Marjan today was immersed in what we have decided was a sunrise. The room was glowing in a fusion of purple, pink and blue, warm and cool, creating that sense of optimism that a sunrise always brings. Sander Lak did once tell us, “I think what is really nice about the American, and especially the New York mentality, is that everything is about new, tomorrow and today… it’s very much just… GO.” And go he did. The movement, the liquid satin, the draped dresses gathered into twists of sublime colour. We love the Sander Lak feeling for colour. His sunsets, sunrises, all blessings and the ombre effect of colours bleeding in to each other creating this modern harmony.

The clothes oscillated on bodies, flared pants swished at the ankles and the wrists on all-in-ones, adding a kind of chic bourgeois grown up flower child to it all. Lak cleverly reflected the purple glow of the room onto the iridescent silver coat that was obvs the star of the show. The shirts tied at the waist over generous bagged pants, humming but all kept under control with the sharp, neatly tailored jackets. The menswear and womenswear became one, fluid and easy as it should be today. The rhythm method. There was an air of decadence in those bias cut silk dresses, hinting at a different era and way of living and perhaps, way of thinking. We always get a bit deep at a Sander Lak show, and this one felt hopeful. Leading us toward the light, shining and gleaming. Hell yeah? Heavenly yeah.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans