Monday 11th February

| BY Dora Fung

Sies Marjan: Ready-To-Wear AW19

Praise the Lord for giving us Sies Marjan on this working Sunday during NYFW. The dark, almost pitch black venue floor was covered with sparkling crystals which made us feel like we were on another planet. Sander Lak, Sies Marian’s creative director has always been great at sending out colours that clashed, colours that are not traditionally easy to wear but he mixed them into each piece so beautifully. There were still neons – on a suit with pressed gathering, lace seams exposed and draped on silk dresses, Swarovski mesh worked into orange coloured dresses layered over red pants, over the top ruffles in a kaleidoscope of colours. With the Carpenters playing It’s Only Just Begun, none of us wanted it to end.. the mix of the fabrics, the colours, the eerieness of the set, it was just the Sunday show we all needed!

Photos by Jason Lloyd Evans.