Monday 10th February

| BY Paul Toner

Sies Marjan: Ready-To-Wear AW20

For anyone living in the city, there’s nothing better than fleeing smoggy skies, cramped public transport and the wrath of those awful manspreaders for a quick escape to the country. We think Sander Lak shares a similar affinity for those breaks away from the concrete jungle. Staging his tenth Sies Marjan show on the 54th floor of One Manhattan West, the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple acted as a stark contrast to the array of desirable delights made in organic fabrics and hues.

Aptly dubbed the Countryside Collection, Lak turned to faithful wool mills in England, Ireland and the Netherlands to craft this season’s offerings. Chunky sweaters were hand-finished in a family-owned business just off the coast of Guernsey, whilst the Donegal Tweed was sourced from a mill buried within the Irish countryside that was founded in the 1920s. More locally, golden foliage discovered in NYC’s plant district coated streamlined dresses, oversized shirting, and bags that were swollen to epic proportions. When smothered onto fabric, it looked 2D; slithers of black intertwined within the shine resembling that of tree bark. Rustic oranges were of plenty, as were vivid yellows and a mossy turquoise that when frayed appeared like algae. These clothes are at one with nature and in tune with the times – equipped to accompany the city girl on her every adventure.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.