Monday 9th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Sies Marjan: Ready-To-Wear SS20

Seasons come and go, but we can always count on Sander Lak to bring a ridiculously rich colour palette to the catwalk. He’s basically fashion’s answer to Pantone, with each of the Sies Marjan shows providing a chic version of those wheels you use when designing kitchen surfaces, but in dress form. Jewels and pastels, sometime neons or deep midnight hues – the options are endless and beautiful. For SS20, the inspiration came from make-up palettes and nail varnishes, transported into monochrome columns of slinky, statue-esque creations. Some colours came in deep matte, others in a shiny satins – the play of textures furthered the stark contrasts each of the looks brought as it walked down. The signature draping was here too, but the volume play was perhaps at its most restrained – the outcome being what’s arguably the most commercial of Sies Marjan seasons to date. “This collection is a rejection of irony, bad taste, satire, reality TV, and kitsch. It celebrates the beauty of having the time and freedom to create and consider your choices… the antithesis of rushing,” Lak explained in the show notes, insinuating the end of an era. Is the world really ready to move on from humour and back to yearning for perfection? The answer might be complex, but when the colours look this incredible, it’s difficult to say no to looking fabulous.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans