Monday 28th January

| BY Dino Bonacic

Skiim Is The Leather Ready-to-Wear Brand You Need to Know About

A glossy, patent leather cut in that perfect 3/4 length with a wide lapel and a cinched with a thick, matching belt. I’m talking about that fabulous trench coat you’ve most probably seen somewhere, on someone, and wondered who it’s by. It’s Skiim and it’s that contemporary wardrobe classic you definitely need in your close proximity. Launched in 2017 by ex-model & stylist Caroline Sciamma-Massenet, the brand has since established itself as a go-to place for all-things leather. Not just jackets, but also shirts, trousers, skirts and jumpsuits – it’s a whole wardrobe crafted in the finest, sustainably-sourced leather textiles processed in a whole variety of ways. Laser-cut like lace, embossed with houndstooth and thinned to a fine, almost silky consistency – it’s the kind of leather that doesn’t just look like leather. Aesthetically, the story falls between the 1970s rock’n’roll and 1960s hippies, all injected with a sense of modern femininity.

For AW19, the British brand is going its usual Paris-to-London route via Texas. Inspired by the Wild West and the infamous historical character that is Calamity Jane, Sciamma-Massenet updates her retro silhouettes with a rough, rodeo vibe. The luxurious feel of touch is still front and central, with updates on classics grounding the looks. That hit patent leather mac now comes in a perfect shade of cognac, and even in a short, peacoat shape too. Just when we thought we know what leather is, there goes Skiim and proves us wrong. We’re buying into it as we type…