Tuesday 8th March

| BY 10 Magazine

Stella McCartney: Ready-to-wear AW16

Stella McCartney’s show was all about signature Stella. What does that mean? Well it’s less about an actual item of clothing – although obviously there were plenty of them – and more about a mood or attitude. There was plenty of attitude on the soundtrack, pumping out an ode to veganism (yep, for realz) as Stella’s always meat-free collection trod out on open-backed, low-heeled shoes. The attitude in Stella clothing is real: clothes for women to wear in everyday life, making an impact on the catwalk but also in your wardrobe (and on your bank balance). This time her cuddly short-cropped quilted bombers and ruffly sweat shirting dresses were the ones that looked set to run the mile from runway to retail with great ease. And speed.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans