Tuesday 1st September

| BY Paul Toner

Stella McCartney Launches Her First Gender-Inclusive Capsule Collection

Is your BFF really your BFF if they don’t let you borrow their clothes? Growing up, I dipped and dived into each of my friend’s wardrobes like no tomorrow. It didn’t matter if they were a boy, girl or anywhere in between – if they had a nice top I could flaunt at a house party, or a pair of jeans I could wear for a night on the town, you bet I was lending.

Unfortunately, this sort of swip-swapping doesn’t usually follow you into adulthood, and we’re not the only ones mad about it. British fashion icon Stella McCartney has launched a capsule collection in homage to the days of trading clobber with your mates. Stella McCartney Shared is dubbed a “youthful, genderless exploration of a collective (sub)culture,” where pieces are united through a shared sense of style that simultaneously feels diverse and individualistic.

Classic pieces, like the double-breasted suit, are given an androgynous flair; aligning with a playful relationship with gender that has followed the designer since her Savile Row training. There’s monochromatic knitwear, track pants and logo-striped hoodies, as well as silk twinsets emblazoned with 1970s psychedelic prints created by London-based comic-book artist Will Sweeney.

Aligning with McCartney’s sustainability values, the collection’s parkers are made from recycled polyester and the tees and sweaters are 100% organic cotton, which uses up to 70% less water than regular cotton. Sharing is caring, and by caring, we mean about the planet.

Photographs by Jin Jia Ji. The Stella McCartney Shared collection is available online now and in select stores.