Friday 20th December

| BY 10 Magazine

Team Ten’s Ultimate Christmas Wishlist: The Best of Fashion from the Past Decade

What do you want for Christmas? A new man? A different prime minister in parliament? Your two front teeth even? Over the past decade, there have been some serious fashions we’ve missed out on a chance of buying – the ones that got away, as you may call them. As a nice little distraction from the more “serious” work we should be doing in the lead up to Christmas, we’ve rounded up Team Ten’s dream Crimbo present list, courtesy of the 2010s best fashion moments. Think of this as our fantasy football league, but a little chicer.

Sophia Neophitou, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

“I’d have to pick this sublime dress worn by Karlie Kloss from Alaia’s AW11 Couture show. It’s made from transparent velvet as fine as chiffon with 3D embroidery that slightly moved as you walked in it. Utterly gorgeous.”

Phoebe Briggs, Editorial Director

“Just give me anything from Prada’s SS11 collection and it’ll be a true Christmas miracle.”

Claudia Croft, Deputy Editor/Fashion Features Director

“This look from Raf’s Dior debut in 2012 would be my dream piece of the decade. This is what devastating chic looks like. When you say tux trousers and a cocktail top, it sounds almost banal but just look at the discipline of the line. It is femme, it is masc and it is everything you want from Raf and from couture. There’s no white noise from this outfit: no fluff and nonsense. The idea is simple but the execution is utterly impeccable.”

Garth Allday Spencer, Executive Fashion Director

“I would love to get this look from the first co-ed show that Prada did for AW10. The set was based on the streets of New York, with a maze of a catwalk around the large Prada space. It redesigned camo prints with bright shearling linings in the collection. The collars were interchangeable and knitted. I wish I got one of these double collar jackets with extra-long sleeves and a cropped body…”

Dino Bonacic, Online Editor

“Based on the recent elections, I predict a very, very, VERY cold next decade. So, what else could I wish for then but a furry yeti coat in the softest shade of pink from Francesco Risso’s debut women’s collection at Marni? It’s not only a historic moment for the fashion house, but also a perfect opportunity to embrace my inner Bianca Jagger circa Studio 54. But like way gayer.”

Katherine Jenkins, Deputy Art Director

“I have a nostalgic sweet spot for young Jacquemus. The era was pre-gigantic hat and teeny-tiny-see-through-Kendall-Jenner dresses. Anything from the AW16 collection would strike a youthful joy in my heart. It was cartoonish and full of naïveté, the clothes were like transpositions of an imaginative Parisian child’s doodles. It must be like wearing Michel Gondry’s mind. I coyly tug on the sleeve of anyone who wants to make me happy this year… please, please let me get what I want this time!”

Zac Apostolou, Digital and Content Editor

“This Louis Vuitton x Supreme rucksack would be my dream Christmas present because at the time when this bag was released I was going through my hype beast phase and became obsessed with it. Unfortunately, the price tag made was very much out of reach for me. The closest I have ever come to owning it was when I bought a fake one from Camden market lol.”

Paul Toner, Editorial Assistant

“This lovely little number from Cottweiler SS16 collection is the creme de la creme of track jackets. A bit scally whilst looking like a giant Alighieri pearl necklace at the same time, what’s not to love?”

Helena Fletcher, Fashion and Features Assistant

“A Loewe Puzzle Bag has been a firm fixture at the top of my wish list since its initial release in 2015. Will accept in any colour way or size *cough*.”

Frankie Reffell, Fashion Intern

“Courtesy of Valentino SS20, this is the perfect purple piece to rule 2020 in. A multifunctional gown perfect for every occasion. Masked balls, dog walks, or straining your veg come veganuary.”