Saturday 17th September

| BY Jack Moss

Teatum Jones: Ready-to-wear SS17

A Scottish rave. Not something I can personally say I’ve experienced, being as I break out in strange hives whenever I get north of the M25, but that was nonetheless the inspiration behind Teatum Jones’  SS17 show, or so the film told us, a celebration of Glasgow and its young. They spoke about acceptance and diversity on the film. A message that, yes, even us cold-hearted fash sorts can get on board with. So what, exactly, does this ode to Scotland look like in clothing form? Well, surprisingly elegant, actually. Negligee-style dresses in floating floral silk, calf-length skirts that cinched in the waist, worn with loose, open shirts, skin-tight dresses in panels of lace, revealing the knickers underneath. Feminine. Sexy, even. Who knew? And it all enlivened with a truckload of colour – wallpaper-esque botanics, Charles Rennie Mackintosh-inspired stripes, prints based on laser lights at raves. Enough to convince one north of the border. Almost. What’s Scotland like in September?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans