Friday 15th September

| BY Jack Moss

Teatum Jones: Ready-to-wear SS18

One woman and her horse. That was where Teatum Jones’ SS18 collection began, that horse being one named Cabral, and that woman being Natasha Baker, a Paralympian equestrian who won two gold medals at the London Games. She doesn’t have use of her legs, after having transverse myelitis as a child, which saw the show as a continuation of Teatum Jones’ 12-month celebration of the human body in all its forms, a point further proved by the pair of disabled models who walked in this morning’s show. The collection itself was a study in the feminine – inspired by Natasha’s intimate relationship with her horse – a colour palette of fleshy pink and pale blue, the silhouette loose and romantic – ruffled sleeves and skirts that fell away into pleats, or draped chiffon blouses that sat just off the shoulder. A more fitted silhouette came from the ribbed knits, emphasising the various shapes of the model’s bodies.