Sunday 18th March

| BY Richard Gray

Ten Commandments: Alexander McQueen: The Boot


Other girls looked on in absolute admiration at young Sarah’s Alexander McQueen biker boots. Even her two best friends found them “really kind of completely ace and I’m totally saving up for some”. But then, can you blame them? Just look at the excellent rivet work here as Sarah cheekily rests her legs on a random table. See, too, the petal-embellished chunky heels, a whimsical nod to days of yore and an unlikely addition to a rough-and-tumble biker-boot heel. Sarah is fully aware, too, of the contradictory union of feminine and “pretty” codes with tough leather boots. They’re a kind of romp through a country garden somewhere in England. Or a precocious young girl running around in last night’s gorge party frock and pulling on biker boots to secretly snog the blacksmith’s son by the roses. The gold rim at the front of the sole hints at a precious-metal hardness you’ll find with lots of posh party girls: living in a dorm with bullies breeds some seriously good fighters. The eagle-eyed biker-boot fans will have clocked the trinkets attached to the leather, too: think of posh girls raiding Granny’s jewellery box and adding things willy-nilly. It’s that eccentric kind of swish only posh girls can do. A kind of posh-punk, country-garden biker-boot riot. It’s all too much for words.

Taken from Issue 60 of 10 Magazine, ALAÏA SHIFT POWER NEW, on newsstands now

Collage by Siduations