Friday 16th March

| BY Joel Traptow

Ten Commandments: Balenciaga: The Accessory


It was Phoebe-Joel Finn’s first day at the Ten School for Talented Girls after being expelled from her school in Doncaster for “bizarre practices involving the occult” and “wearing too much Balenciaga”. Finding fault with a pentagram carved into a woodwork bench was one thing, but how could anybody think too much Balenciaga was a bad thing? Who wants to be part of an academic institution like that? Nobody. Finn’s new school welcomed fashion pioneers and runway-istas with open arms. And as the school motto was “Corpus catwalk superlativo”, Finn needed an unparalleled look for her first day. She opted for an incendiary and misunderstood accessory: the bumbag. This piece of beautiful leather dripping with the Balenciaga logo was the most divisive and high-arch bag known to man. And cross body? This was an amazing and audacious show of “in-ness” and a next-level nod to streetwear, Finn told herself as she passed through the school gates. Her reception was a unanimous yes. “Divine!” shouted that girl with the funny eye outside biology. “Five fem-child hands being painted with pink nail varnish emoticons for you!” screamed her slightly camp English teacher Mr Moss. Yes, yes, encore: Phoebe-Joel Finn’s first day at school was a Balenciaga-clad super-success.

 Taken from Issue 60 of 10 Magazine, ALAÏA SHIFT POWER NEW, on newsstands now

Collage by Siduations