Monday 15th January

| BY Richard Gray

Ten Commandments: Camper’s Spongy Platforms

Camp10CLife can’t be all that bad! Imagine you’re a shoe. Close your eyes and think: I am a shoe. A red Camper shoe. I am a soft red shoe made of some kind of new fabric that’s a bit like neoprene but lighter. The indents in your soft upper are like injection moulding. Like a race car. You are really light. Lighter than air. Like a sponge finger. Spongy and soft. You take your inspiration from clowns. You are “up” and fun and high and complex. One inch from the floor, far away from the detritus of London’s pavements. You are a dream to walk in. As a red shoe, you’re noticed, too. You’re not green or, God forbid, beige – you are riotous and red and a big night out with gorgeous friends in risqué West End bars. You drink Aperol Spritz in pint glasses and detest bowls of crappo peanuts. Red shoes are proud shoes. They are shoes for the very clever. Rei Kawakubo once said, “Red is the only dangerous colour left.” Incredible! Now imagine boarding a train. We’re off to a posh house in the country. You enter. As you walk in, imagine rubbing your rubber sole against an expensive carpet. Imagine the 1in-thick heel penetrating the voluminous carpet pile. There. In you go. Heaven. This is the life of a well-travelled and red Camper shoe with a gorgeous blocky base. This is blocky-shoe heaven.

Taken from the latest issue of 10, REBEL HEART, on newsstands now…

Collages by Betrayal Junkie