Saturday 17th March

| BY Richard Gray

Ten Commandments: Miu Miu: The Handbag


After she was grounded for smoking in her bedroom (again), young Miuccia said she was “totally going out tonight, I don’t care if I’m grounded” to meet her ridiculously hot boyfriend. After layering her new gauze-y shift over her print blouse (fastened to the top) and pulling on that skirt, the tight, below-the-knee one (no tights, her sports socks from cheerleading class will do), she climbed out of her bedroom window and down the drainpipe. Her bag was the best part, though: soft pink leather with two belts sort of holding everything in place – no heavy fastenings: a cool girl’s bag needs to be light for drainpipe scaling. Like all the best-dressed girls in the 1950s (with a hint of Riot Grrrl thrown in), young Miu Miu knew that her best friend would be in her granny’s sofa-print housecoat with brown tights, and she could borrow her Alice band “anytime”. Then, if it got cold, she could always throw on her boyfriend’s sleeveless leather gilet and cross strap her fave pink bag over it. See its envelope-folded sides? They kick out when you’re smuggling beer and cigarettes into school. But it wasn’t that Miu Miu was a bad girl – she really did believe in God and said her prayers every night – it was just that all well-dressed naughty girls like her had more fun. And always carried the very best handbags.

Taken from Issue 60 of 10 Magazine, ALAÏA SHIFT POWER NEW, on newsstands now

Collage by Siduations