Monday 2nd November

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Ten Heads: Loewe AW15

The woman here, the vision in Loewe, was described – by Jonathan Anderson no less (or so we read, at least) – as someone who wears the trousers. Which may be true. And it must be said that these were exceptional trousers and his woman wore them exceptionally well. But seeing as we’re focusing on her head here, can we describe her as someone who wears the glasses instead? The sunglasses. Have you seen those things perched atop her nose? That razor-straight and razor-sharp frame? The graduated amber lens? The size? Those lenses are practically visor-like. They take over the face. But they do so without obscuring the face. It’s that lens. It doesn’t black out the eyes. You can see through it. It makes the face look healthy, the skin look warm. Think of it as the new make-up. Less messy and easier to apply. Ditch the eye shadow, throw away that mascara – it’s a cesspit of bacteria, anyway. Streamline your make-up bag and embrace the sunglasses. You’re worth it, after all.

Taken from Issue 55 on 10 Magazine, on newsstands now…