Monday 9th November

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Ten Looks: Céline

We know what the members of our highly valued readership are thinking. Or at least we like to think we do. Especially when it concerns some of Céline’s creations for AW15. And especially when it also concerns those of you who are found to be on the more “creative” end of the dressing spectrum (yes, we’ve seen you). “What is that around her neck?” you’re pondering. “That black, furry thing? Is it a double-jointed poodle? Did they wrap a poodle round that model’s neck?” Well, no. Not exactly. Though you could be mistaken, probably not, but you could, if you squinted, be mistaken for assuming that it’s the tail of an over-sculpted show poodle. It’s not. Those round balls of black fluff are, in fact, a pompom scarf. Remember those? Remember making them at school, at lunchtime? Winding all that wool round those bits of card? They made an appearance here. Both as scarf and tufty notes on tunics, a pre-fluff pompom. It lends the whole thing a crafty air. A “here’s one I made earlier” feel. Except that you didn’t make it earlier. Céline did. Which is why you want it. Which you wouldn’t if you’d made it. That’s just the way these things work.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans

Taken from Issue 55 of 10 Magazine, on newsstands now…