Thursday 26th July

| BY Roxy Lola

Ten Loves: Alexander McQueen Oversized Runners


We never get technical but we’re about to get smart for a second. Upon our thorough investigations (also known as the first link that comes up on Google) we’ve discovered that according to Bain & Co, worldwide sales of sneakers have risen 10% to 3.5 billion euros in the past year. Not sure if this is a big deal but 3.5 billion euros sounds preeeetty huge to us. Aka the world wants sneakers and all our faves are keeping them coming. Alexander McQueen know trainers, their Oversized Sneaker is a sneakerhead favourite in all it’s sleek chunkiness. The right amount of everything we want in a trainer. Like all good things, it has evolved into the Oversized Runner, seen in the Autumn/ Winter 2018 collection. It’s the same concept but hyped up with new splashes of colour. Our chosen one is obviously the baby pink because we’re cute like that. An ideal summer sneaker. The leather shoes come with rubber soles stamped with a leopard print design and the Alexander McQueen logo. We like. The kind of sneakers that are streamlined with the need for speed. Who run the world? Us, in our Alexander McQueen Oversized Runners.