Thursday 23rd May

| BY Paul Toner

Ten Loves: Alexander McQueen Punk Pumps

They say home is where the heart is, and in the heart of Alexander McQueen, there’s a ton of punk spirit. From the seminal Voss where the fashion clan were forced to glare at themselves for two hours through a gigantic mirror to the SS98 Untitled collection which saw models doused in a yellow liquid resembling piss – the British fashion house has continuously held up a big two-fingers to the prim and proper fashions that have occupied the luxury market. Sarah Burton channels McQueen’s gritty heritage into the brand’s new Punk Pumps. The silhouette being inspired by the urban cityscapes of the 1950s, this new range of pointed court shoes tower high. In a spit-shined patent leather finish with a deadly sharp 10.5cm heel, the shoe is appliquéd with dramatic faceted spikes at the front and the rear – prepped and ready to give your look some serious bite.

The Punk Pumps come in some fantastic colours too. Whether you lean more towards a gothic vibe (there’s black and a deep ruby red) or prefer something lighter (baby pink and a crystal white), there’s a shade for every occasion. In typical Burton style, the shoe’s creation was stimulated by the thrill of the Northern music scene, in particular the hedonism of Manchester’s post-punk era. We advice when wearing your McQueen Punk Pumps you stick on some Joy Division and dance your little heart out. Ian Curtis may have sung about love tearing us apart – but who cares about love when you can own heels like these.

The Alexander McQueen Punk Pumps are available to shop in selected stores and online.