Wednesday 3rd October

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Loves: Dior Mini Saddle Bag In Embroidered Canvas


The comeback of the Dior Saddle bag might not be the latest piece of news you’ve heard today. But this one… Oh, it’s the hottest piece of fashion you’ve laid your eyes on. I mean, just look at it. The classic shape, approved by everyone from Carrie Bradshaw to Maria Grazia Chiuri herself (the woman responsible for this major revival), is now available in every colour, texture and print imaginable. But if you’re making a statement, then really go for it. This multicoloured, beaded one is my choice of a statement. During the day, the rainbow of colours will brighten up the gloomiest of clouds, and as the sun comes down, this bag will become the best dance partner you’ve ever had. Nothing says “fun” like some beaded tassels.

But don’t worry, if there’s no dancing on the horizon, the Saddle Bag doesn’t need a real occasion. In a parallel universe, where Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker still follow each other on Instagram, this is the bag I would be wearing to the premiere of Sex and The City 3. Anyone cares to join? BYOSB. That’s Bring Your Own Saddle Bag. Popcorn’s on me.

The Dior Mini Saddle Bag in embroidered canvas is available exclusively from Dior boutiques.