Tuesday 18th October

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Ten Loves: Dior Sac du Defile


There was a Dior campaign once, well not once, from a few years back, it still exists on YouTube, for their My Dior jewels, where Raquel Zimmerman pondered this very profound thought: imagine talking to your jewellery. She also asks what is natural, look wise, because to her, cows look natural, and ergo does that make her a cow if she looks natural? We could be reading just a bit too much into it, but whatever and anyway, back to the talking to your jewellery part. No. That’s just crazy. As if a diamond would ever talk back. Everyone knows those bitches are rock hard and cold as ice. Talking to your bag however is a different matter. Despite what people may say, it’s not an outward sign of craziness, but a sign of love. How else does one j’adore Dior without words? And how can you not love something that you cling to all hours of the day in the manner of a lioness to it’s prey? That holds your tampons and other lady things as well as your deepest darkest secrets? That weighs you down every day in the morning rush hour, due to all the crap you’ve shoved inside it and doesn’t loose it’s shape? Talking to your bag does not a crazy bag woman make. Especially if that bag happens to come fresh off the Dior AW16 runway. Hence the name Sac du Defile. Though we just call ours De De. She could give Elizabeth Taylor a run for her money when it comes to exotic skins and a glistening appendages.

A variety of designs of the Sac du Defile – in precious skins, classic cannage or embellished – are in store now…