Friday 15th March

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Loves: Dior SoLight Sunglasses

Don’t let the tornado winds fool you – spring is on its way. And together with the new season along comes our accessories refresh. A new pair of shoes, a brand new bag, and – of course – a fresh pair of sunnies. For the months to come, our eyes are on (and hopefully behind) the brand new pair of Dior frames – oversized and in a visor shape, crafted in a softly shade of nude-y pink. Their name is SoLight and they truly are the next big thing. Taken from the SS19 catwalks for which Maria Grazia Chiuri looked at the rich visual heritage of dancer Loie Fuller, her twirls and swirls reimagined as contemporary dance costumes joined by a seriously shoppable set of accessories. Saddle bags, flat sandals, headbands and sunglasses were noted, and now they’re all coming our way in the shape of the beachy Riviera capsule collection, part of which are the SoReal glasses. But before you get yourself a pair, Dior made sure you can try them on, wherever you are. Via an augmented reality experience of an Instagram filter, you can see what you’ll look like with a pair of SoLights on. We did, and they suit just about all of us here – a group Ten Towers Dior order is on its way.

The Dior SoLight sunglasses are available at 30 Avenue Montaigne and in a selection of Dior boutiques around the world.