Thursday 4th August

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Ten Loves: DSquared2’s DD Bag

It seems that we love a busty woman here at Ten Towers. Will often dreams about spending an evening with Nigella Lawson being fed delicious treats whilst nuzzled between her breasts. Garth has our Editrix-in-Chief to fuel his obsession, we are slightly worried about that one though… As for me, it isn’t a pair of Double Ds which have caught my interest but the DD from DSquared2. The DD standing for Dan and Dean (I hope). Developing their bags for their show inspired by samurai, Victoriana and combat. And, similar to breasts – they come in all shapes and sizes. My favourite would have to be the sleek black snakeskin variety above. The strap looks like a bullet holster which I can’t help but associate with the Britney Bot in Austin Powers shooting from her bosoms after a performance of Boys. All the b’s. And oh god – breasts, again. Whilst I have no interest in getting up close and personal with a pair, I’d certainly like to get to know the DD. So thanks D&D for the DD.