Thursday 20th June

| BY Paul Toner

Ten Loves: Fendi Made-to-Order Colibrì

Who doesn’t miss the days when you could swap shoes with your mates? I can remember begging one of my closest primary school pals to let me me wear her Old Skool Vans to do some Friday afternoon stunting on the playground. Such naivety would gather you rather odd looks as you get a little older. I can only imagine the scowl that would be shot my way if I asked a friend of mine now to swap out my battered old Nike trainers for their designer treads. Thankfully, Fendi are here to re-energise that excitement of swip-swapping your shoes without the second person judging you. The Fendi Colibrì pump has gotten the Made-to-Order treatment. Clients can now create their own pair of Colibrì from 7 unique front toe variations, 3 different ribbons and 2 heel heights in varying finishes. It’s basically a pick and mix for the luxe fashion fanatic. Will you opt for a Fendi monogram front? Or are you more inclined for a leopard print finish? How about a mint block heal to top things off? Your custom Fendi heels will be the pièce de résistance for a full glam look. Warning: be prepared for endless requests from your friends to borrow them.

You can customise your own Fendi ‘Colibrì’ heels online now.