Thursday 13th December

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Loves: Giorgio Armani Crossbody GA Logo Bag


There’s two types of party gals in this world. The first one, let’s call her Sandy. She starts getting ready at 6pm for a 9.30pm call time and despite this seeming punctuality, she succeeds in always being at least 17 minutes late. Sandy always knows at least five other people going to every club you might think of, and therefore always has a preference of where to go based on these people – and these people only. Pre-drinking is not really her thing, and she rejects the idea of ever using public transport when going out because. When finally on the dance floor, Sandy doesn’t ever really dance. Unless you know a dance that includes arrhythmic swaying from left to right while poking one’s neck out in order to catch whoever is coming in and out? Didn’t think so. In short, Sandy is a handful that’s making your (night)life difficult. On the other side of the spectrum is Kathy. Kathy is easy-going and rational. She doesn’t make a fuss about anything and is totally up for whatever you’re feeling like. She’s happy to drink whatever is in the fridge and despite her polished looks, it doesn’t take her more than 35 minutes to get ready. When you’re drunk she’ll make sure you safely get home, but without making you feel bad. Kathy is always there for you whenever you need her and just when you least expect it, she’s got your back. And just like a Kathy, the Giorgio Armani crossbody GA logo bag is your best party mate you could ever imagine. No fuss, no muss – it’s just what you need when you wanna let loose. Available in red, navy, gray, green or black leather, it will be with you until early hours, strapped across your chest and holding all your necessities. Thank the lord for all the Kathys in the world…

Giorgio Armani Crossbody GA Logo Bags are available to shop in selected stores and online.