Wednesday 30th May

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Loves: Mary Katrantzou Inflatable Bag


If you’re still one of those people that believe global warming is purely a conspiracy theory (and we seriously hope you aren’t) – Mary Katrantzou is here to prove you wrong. With her Spring/ Summer 2018 collection being a technicolour ode to global warming, it seems like Ms Katrantzou had a worryingly accurate prognosis of the wet summer days haunting us right now. But, instead of giving into this all-round gloom, Mary suggests bringing the beach shenanigans onto the flooded streets. Cue the Mary Katrantzou inflatable whale bag. It doesn’t get more childhood throwback than a floatie in a Barbie-esque colour story with a whale appliqué – and we’re absolutely on board. Add a baby blue toy-like plastic chain and you’ve got yourself a bag that’s worth the wardrobe department of Mean Girls on Broadway (worn by Karen Smith’s character, of course). This portable life-saver also fits all of your early 2000’s essentials: a diamanté flip-phone, glitter lip gloss, the pink Tamagochi, a couple of sour cherry suckers, and even a portable version of the Burn Book. All of it – 100% water-safe. Who knew a single bag could make global warming look so much more bearable? To be honest, we might even get a whole bunch of these for the Ten HQ. If it continues raining like it has been over the past few days – we prefer the idea of floating on Mary Katrantzou bags to the same old neon orange life vests.