Ten Loves: Prada’s Cahier Bag

Prada 1BL004 City Calf comb

There are few things we love more here at Ten Towers than a dinky Prada number. This newest instalment of the Cahier bag, complete with a detachable leather belt and thin metal chain, is an even dinkier and more stripped down version of its predecessor. Predictably, Prada have pulled another beauty from their bottomless hat, one that seamlessly continues from their Fall 2016 collection, with its equally dinky keychain purses and stunning array of shoulder bags. Versatility is the name of the game once again here, this little nugget of calf’s leather will look great regardless of whether you’re carrying it as a clutch, slung over a shoulder, or my personal favourite, worn around the waist as one of the classier takes on the humble shotter’s purse. Given the name however, it would seem as though Prada were hoping for a more studious (and legal) use of their latest creation, and one we wholeheartedly endorse at Ten (cahier is French for exercise book, of course). The truth is everyone needs a bit of Cahier in their lives. Not only as the perfect vessel to carry all that valuable refuse that congregates at the bottom of your bag, but also as a velvety companion that will sit obediently in your palm and sooth the stresses of your day (think “wooosaahh” from Bad Boys II). You’ll have to wait a little longer for the velvet Cahier of course, but for those of you who simply can’t face the ambiguity of said waiting period, the calf version will be available to flaunt during LFW.