Monday 3rd April

| BY Joel Traptow

Ten Loves: Saint Laurent’s Glitter Boots

Saint Laurent Boots

I’m not exactly sure what the correct name for this boot is – slouch? Scrunch? What I do know is that they are (apologising to the many other nice boots we might be offending here) the boot of the season. If you haven’t been introduced already they are by, as the headline suggests, Saint Laurent. The minute these boots stomped the runway last month we were gagged, bald, left speechless etc etc. I mean how could you not be? It’s a boot COVERED in Swarovski crystals, taking rhinestone cowboy to the most literal of levels. And, if the boot itself wasn’t enough to have you rushing to get your name on a waiting list, let us tell you (even though if you are a good gay, like us, you would know already) that Miss Rihanna wore them literally less than 24 hours after the show. And, it’s a bit of an unwritten (we prefer to shout it) rule here at Ten Towers that is RiRi likes something we LOVE it. Spesh if it’s Saint Laurent. Like us, she knows that this is the kind of boot you buy and spend a day prancing around your home in nothing but. Sadly with a cool 10k price tag, I’m not convinced any of us will actually be wearing them. But what can I say? A gay can dream – and in that dream, I look faaabulous.